Remnants, Relics and Shadows of Empires in the Gibraltar Region

Remnants, Relics and Shadows of Empires in the Gibraltar Region


Gerry O’Reilly, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, Ireland

This paper focuses on continuing impacts of ‘old’ empires and newer geopolitical players on unfolding histories in the Gibraltar region, especially narratives related to the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar (BOT), and Spain’s presence in Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco. Tensions remain between state-centric and evolving people-centric interpretations of international law and decolonization; populations in the respective territories do not wish ‘decolonization’ of ‘their’ territories by the states that control them, but rather greater self-determination and democratic relationships with the international community.

Key words: Strait, Gibraltar (BOT), Ceuta, Melilla, decolonization, UK, Spain, Morocco, state-centric, people-centric, UN Resolutions.

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