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Chief Editor:

Jeanne E. Grant, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota (chiefeditor@themiddlegroundjournal.com)


Justin Quinn Olmstead, Sandia National Laboratories Historian

Birgit Schneider, Independent Historian, Barcelona, Spain

Julie K. Tanaka, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California

Assistant Editors:

Daniel Blumlo, Rock Valley College

Frank Zator, University of Chicago


Anthony W. Baker, Thomas More University

Gazi Mizanur Rahman, Assistant Professor of History, BRAC University, Dhaka

Fabrizio Martino, Chulalongkorn University-Bangkok

Tristan Miguel Osteria, University of Santo Tomas

Nilanjana Paul, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

Edward Simmons, George Gwinnett College

Chief Intern

J. A. Bjork, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota

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Dr. Hong-Ming Liang served as the founding Chief Editor of The Middle Ground Journal from 2009 to 2019.

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