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Review Essay of Two Books on Burma and Military History

The 1945 Burma Campaign and the Transformation of the British Indian Army. Raymond A. Callahan and Daniel Marston. Kansas University Press, 2021. ISBN: 9780700630417.   A War of Empires: Japan, India, Burma & Britain, 1941-45. Robert Lyman. Oxford: Osprey, 2021. ISBN: 9781472847140. Reviewed by George Wilton, independent scholar, Member of British Commission for Military History, Managing Editor of British Journal for

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Book Review Working Group Innovative Student Internship Program Middle Ground Journal A Scholarly Teaching Journal

The Middle Ground Journal Home Office, Book Review Department update. A scholarly, teaching journal — from its establishment I have thought of The Middle Ground as a scholarly teaching journal, very much in the spirit of a teaching hospital. The Middle Ground Journal Book Review Working Group has been created in that spirit, consisting of ten undergraduate and graduate student

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