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Review of Partitioning Palestine: British Policymaking at the End of Empire by Penny Sinanoglou

Photo of tree with yellow leaves on its branches and all around it on the ground, Pamplona Campus, Spain.

Partitioning Palestine: British Policymaking at the End of Empire. Penny Sinanoglou. University of Chicago Press, 2019. ISBN: 9780226665788. Reviewed by Frank Zator, M.A., University of Chicago Edited by Birgit Schneider (c) 2021 The Middle Ground Journal, Number 21, Spring 2021. http://TheMiddleGroundJournal.org See Submission Guidelines page for the journal’s not-for-profit educational open-access policy.

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“A Good Winter Rain Will Put Everything Right”: The British Government in India’s Response to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic and Famine

Photo of 1930s Underwood typewriter next to a candle

By Maura Chhun, Metropolitan State University Abstract The 1918 Influenza Pandemic killed over twelve million Indians while a concurrent famine drove up the cost of basic necessities. The British government framed the pandemic as a complicating factor in their otherwise successful management of the famine, but more accurately the famine was a contributing factor to the pandemic’s death toll. Key words:

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