Call for Submissions: “Teaching the World: An Invitation to K-12 Educators” 2021-2022

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “Teaching the World: An Invitation to K-12 Educators”

For any future issue of the The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies

The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies invites proposals and submissions from K-12 teachers who want to share their ideas for teaching world or global studies, which might include but are not limited to: strategies for teaching during the pandemic; ideas for improving classroom experiences, virtual and real; lesson plans for specific topics or lesson plans that can be modified to any topic. Any idea for a contribution on teaching from teachers will be considered. Individual or collaborative proposals or submissions are welcome.

All inquiries should be directed to the chief editor, Jeanne Grant, at CHIEFEDITOR (at) THEMIDDLEGROUNDJOURNAL (dot) COM.

The Middle Ground Journal ( (ISSN: 2155-1103), is an open-access, refereed, and nonprofit journal published by the Midwest World History Association ( We do not charge fees of any type to authors, reviewers, or readers. Everyone, no matter where you teach, research and study, is warmly invited to contribute. We are the common ground shared by all who are committed to the studying and teaching of global studies and world history, broadly understood. In particular, The Middle Ground seeks to serve as the shared, common space between K‑12 institutions and colleges and universities. Please note that because of the educational mission of the journal, your submissions and correspondence may be used to teach student interns. An important part of their education is in scholarly professionalism and confidentiality.

The Middle Ground Journal is supported by Metropolitan State University and is published by the Midwest World History Association, an affiliate of the World History Association. We encourage membership in both associations. We gratefully acknowledge the generous sponsorship and logistical support from Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

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