Review of Peace on our Terms: The Global Battle for Women’s Rights after the First World War by Mona L. Siegel

Peace on our Terms: The Global Battle for Women’s Rights after the First World War. Mona L. Siegel. New York: Columbia University Press, 2020. ISBN: 9780231195102.

Reviewed by Susan Smith, Maple Grove High School, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Ms. Smith is one of the original co-founding members of the MWWHA and teaches World History and AP Government at Maple Grove High school in Minnesota. Her love of history started as an adolescent, and grew into an obsession with family history and genealogy and their connections to all history. She earned both her BS and Masters of Liberal Studies from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Smith is a lifelong learner and works regionally with “Teaching about Asia” and WISSE (Women in Social Studies Education.)

Edited by Birgit Schneider, Sarah Pesola, and Jeanne Grant

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