Ongoing Forum: Philosophy and the World

The Middle Ground Journal Ongoing Forum on: Philosophy and the World
Editors: Dr. Ashley Dressel and Dr. Hong-Ming Liang

The Middle Ground Journal welcomes philosophical work on topics that may be of interest to both philosophers and to those working in the areas of world history and global studies. Such work includes, but is not limited to, work in the history of philosophy, work on global issues in the areas of political philosophy, normative theory, or applied ethics, and work on specific topics like global justice, globalization, multiculturalism, transnationality, and cosmopolitanism. We also welcome articles on teaching philosophy, the pedagogical uses of philosophy in the classroom, and philosophy as an academic discipline, particularly as they relate to multiculturalism, globalization, and so forth.

Please study the submission guidelines before submitting, see Submissions should be sent to the forum’s Coordinating Editor Dr. Dressel at, and the Chief Editor, Dr. Liang,

This on-going forum will consist of two primary types of contributions:

• Articles (5,000-7,000 words)
• Book Reviews (800-1,000 words)

For articles: please send max. 300-word abstracts, together with one-page CVs, to the Coordinating Editor Dr. Dressel at and Chief Editor Dr. Liang at . For book reviews please send max. 150-word abstracts, together with one-page CVs, to both editors.

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