Teaching a World History Capstone Course on Globalization by Mark B. Tauger

Teaching a World History Capstone Course on Globalization by Mark B. Tauger

Certainly almost every reader has had the experience of producing a capstone project, as a student composing it or an instructor supervising it (or both). By now most colleges and universities require students in every major to demonstrate what they have learned by completing a substantial final project that is characteristic of work of professionals in that major field. Capstone courses round out the major and help students acquire a level of mastery of their subject that can lead to a job or a graduate or professional program.

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As examples of the potential of globalization for student research, I have asked the editor to include with this article three excellent student papers from the capstone course I offered in Spring 2014.

Student paper, Brandon Brown TaugerBrownGlobalizationTeachingFall2015themiddlegroundjournal.org
Student paper, Bryan Truong TaugerTruongGlobalizationTeachingFall2015themiddlegroundjournal.org
Student paper, Christopher Pederson TaugerPedersonGlobalizationTeachingFall2015themiddlegroundjournal.org

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