Call for Reviewers: The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies

Call for Reviewers: The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies

From: Hong-Ming Liang, The College of St. Scholastica HLIANG@CSS.EDU

The Middle Ground Journal, ( an open-access, refereed, and nonprofit scholarly journal of world history and global studies, is seeking qualified reviewers. For a list of the available books, documentaries and other artifacts, please visit:

These reviews are due on October 31, 2014. To apply, please email the title/author(s) of the book/documentary, your contact information (e-mail, postal address, phone), and your CV/resume to the journal’s chief editor, Professor Hong-Ming Liang, at HLIANG (at) We are particularly interested in reviewers who are planning to use the book in a class, and are willing to submit follow-up reports. Preferences will be given to reviewers who propose long term cooperative projects with the journal. We have a very limited budget for shipping books internationally. Please note that it will require several weeks to process the requests. Because of the volume of correspondence we are unable to acknowledge every e-mail. Accepted and edited reviews will typically require six to twelve months for publication. These reviews are scheduled for the spring 2016 semester and later.

The guiding principle of The Middle Ground is to be a bridge between disciplines, between teaching and research, between students and teachers, and between all levels of education. Therefore, reviewers must address the widest possible audience, and to specifically discuss how the artifacts reviewed may be used in classrooms. Please consult the journal for guidelines and specifications. The journal is also seeking reviews from students and teachers on books and other artifacts (documentaries, films, music, art, and so on) currently in your possession, particularly those you have used in a course. Please contact the chief editor with proposals. Please note that because of the educational mission of the journal, your submissions and correspondence may be used to teach student interns. An important part of their education is in scholarly professionalism and confidentiality. Your CVs/resumes are never shared with student interns.

The Middle Ground Journal is housed at The College of St. Scholastica and published by the Midwest World History Association, an affiliate of the World History Association. We strongly encourage membership in both scholarly organizations. Further information on the journal may be found at:

Hong-Ming Liang, Ph.D., Chief Editor, The Middle Ground Journal
Assistant Professor of History and Politics, The College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN, USA