Book Review Working Group Innovative Student Internship Program Middle Ground Journal A Scholarly Teaching Journal


The Middle Ground Journal Home Office, Book Review Department update. A scholarly, teaching journal — from its establishment I have thought of The Middle Ground as a scholarly teaching journal, very much in the spirit of a teaching hospital. The Middle Ground Journal Book Review Working Group has been created in that spirit, consisting of ten undergraduate and graduate student interns. This pilot program is integrating student interns into all phases of the book review process, beginning with researching and recommending books to acquire. Student interns study The Middle Ground’s published reviews, investigate comparable journals and publications, and present annotated book lists to explain and justify their recommendations. These lists are then discussed and debated by the student interns. The chief editor makes the final decision. Over the summer, these students are assigned to different publishers to study their history and publishing focus, to study different genres of reviews (NY Review of Books, TLS, London Review of Books, New Yorker, NYT, Washington Post, various online journals and reviews) — as we research, questions, discuss, and debate, we will also formulate new questions for future reviewers to address.

This is one of the documentaries/books that arrived recently at the Middle Ground’s Home Office. It will be placed with reviewers during the 2013-2014 school year.

Please address all inquiries to the journal’s chief editor Professor Hong-Ming Liang at HLIANG@CSS.EDU