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Review Template

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[Text of Review]

Name of reviewer, affiliation of reviewer (if available)

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Books available for review

The journal is also seeking reviews from students and teachers of books and other artifacts (documentaries, films, music, art, and so on) currently in your possession, particularly those you have used in a course. Please contact the chief editor at HLIANG@CSS.EDU with proposals.

Books available for review: Please contact Professor Hong-Ming Liang, Chief Editor, at: HLIANG@CSS.EDU
Please include title, author, your CV, and your postal address.

From January 2015; Due May 15, 2015 — See the journal’s Submission Guidelines page for instructions


Aldama, Mex-cine: Mexican Filmmaking, Production, and Consumption in the Twenty-first Century [Michigan]

Arthurs, Excavating Modernity: The Roman Past in Fascist Italy [Cornell][No longer available][Kelsey Moore, University of Southern California][posted 1/28/2015]

Baldoz, The Third Asiatic Invasion: Empire and Migration in Filipino America, 1898-1946 [NYU][No longer available][Mark Lee Reeves, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill][posted 1/28/2015]

Besom, Inka Human Sacrifice and Mountain Worship: Strategies for Empire unification [New Mexico][No longer available][Paul Rellstab, Independent Scholar, NY][posted 2/5/2015]

Burnt, Genocide Lives in Us: Women, Memory, and Silence in Rwanda [Wisconsin][No longer available][Dawn Curry, University of Nebraska][posted 1/28/2015]

Burton, ed., The Feedback loop: Historians Talk about the Links between Research and Teaching [AHA][No longer available][Nathan Pavalko, Ivy Tech Community College][posted 1/28/2015]

Chong, The Theatre and the State in Singapore: Orthodoxy and Resistance [Routledge][No longer available][Robert Sevenich, University of Southern California][posted 2/3/2015]

Cohen and Scheinfeldt, eds., Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities [Michigan][No longer available][Alison Torres-Ramos, University of Texas – Arlington][posted 2/3/2015]

Coomans et al., eds., Loci Sacri: Understanding Sacred Places [Leuven][No longer available][Jeremy Rich, Marywood University][posted 1/28/2015]

Dixon and Foster, A Short History of Film [Rutgers][No longer available][David Zintak, University of Louisville][posted 2/3/2015]

Faure and Ho, eds., Chieftains into Ancestors: Imperial Expansion and Indigenous Society in So9uthwest China [British Columbia][No longer available][Michael C. Brose, U of Wyoming][posted 1/28/2015]

Featherstone, ed., Europe in Modern Greek history [Oxford]

Getz, Cosmopolitan Africa, 1700-1875 [Oxford][No longer available][Bekeh Utietiang, Wheeling Jesuits][posted 1/28/2015]

Goeman, Mark My Words: native Women Mapping Our Nations [Minnesota][No longer available][Stephanie Beck Cohen, Indiana University][posted 1/28/2015]

Hagerman, Britain’s Imperial Muse: The Classics, Imperialism, and the Indian Empire, 1784-1914 [Palgrave][No longer available][Swati Chara, University of Virginia][posted 1/28/2015]

Hall, A History of Early Southeast Asia: Maritime Trade and Societal Development, 100-1500 [Rowman Littlefield][No longer available][Lance Nolde, International Institute for Asian Studies at Leiden University][posted 2/3/2015]

Huberman, Ambivalent Encounters: Childhood, Tourism, and Social Change in Banaras, India [Rutgers][No longer available][Annessa Babic, NY Institute of Technology][posted 1/28/2015]

Kahn, ed., Framing the Glocal; Entry Points for Research [Indiana][No longer available][John Nimis, University of Wisconsin – Madison][posted 1/28/2015]

Kim, Ends of Empire: Asian American Critique and the Cold War [Minnesota][No longer available][A. William Bell, Boston University][posted 1/28/2015]

Kwak and Nobles, eds., Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia [Routledge][No longer available][Stig Lindberg, Kyoto University][posted 1/28/2015]

Lacovetta, et al., eds., Edible Histories Cultural Politics: Towards a Canadian Food History [Toronto][No longer available][Elizabeth Schmidt, Texas A&M Qatar][posted 1/28/2015]

Laumann, Colonial Africa, 1884-1994 [Oxford][No longer available][Bernard Moore, Michigan State][posted 1/28/2015]

Lawrence, Lessons from an Indian Day School: Negotiating Colonization in Northern New Mexico, 1902-1907 [Kansas][No longer available][Sara M. Gray, Swansea University, Wales, UK][posted 2/5/2015]

Lee, Gourmets in the Land of Famine: The Culture and politics of Rice in Modern Canton [Stanford][No longer available][Prakash Kumar, Pennsylvania State][posted 1/28/2015]

Lipsett-Rivera, Gender and the Negotiation of Daily Life in Mexico, 1750-1856 [Nebraska][No longer available][Evan C. Rothera, The Pennsylvania State University][posted 2/3/2015]

Lundy and Negash, eds., Teaching Africa: a Guide for the 21st Century Classroom [Indiana][No longer available][Tyler Fleming, University of Louisville][posted 1/28/2015]

Madianou and Miller, Migration and New Media: Transnational Families and Polymedia [Routledge][No longer available][Eleanor Huntington, University of Southern California][posted 1/28/2015]

Mason and Lee, eds., Reading Colonial Japan: Text, Context, and Critique [Stanford][No longer available][Frank Jacob, CUNY – Queensborough Community College][posted 1/28/2015]

Milner, The Malays [Wiley-Blackwell]

Muckle, Indigenous Peoples of North America: a Concise Anthropological Overview [Toronto][John McCarthy, DNREC][posted 1/28/2015]

Perez, Cuba Between Empires, 1878-1902 [Pittsburgh][No longer available][Neici Zeller, William Paterson University][posted 2/3/2015]

Perez-Stable, The Cuban Revolution: Origins, Course, and Legacy [Oxford][No longer available][Stephen Neufeld, California State University – Fullerton][posted 2/3/2015]

Rieffer-Flanagan, Evolving Iran: an Introduction to Politics and Problems in the Islamic Republic [Georgetown]

Salama, Islam, Orientalism, and Intellectual History: Modernity and the Politics of Exclusion Since Ibn Khaldun [I.B. Tauris][No longer available][Anas Alahmed, Indiana University][posted 1/28/2015]

Whitten, ed., Millennial Ecuador: Critical Essays on Cultural Transformations and Social Dynamics [Iowa]

Young, Alien Nation: Chinese Migration in the Americas from the Coolie Era Through World War II [UNC][No longer available][Joe Wenland, Grand Valley State University][posted 1/28/2015]


Torture Made in USA [Bullfrog Films][No Longer Available][KMH]
Valentino’s Ghost [Bullfrog Films][No Longer Available][KMH]
A Fierce Green Fire [Bullfrog Films][No Longer Available][KMH]
Rogue Parole [Cinema Guild][No Longer Available][KMH]
Unfinished Spaces [Bullfrog Films][No Longer Available][KMH]



Books available for review: Please contact Professor Hong-Ming Liang, Chief Editor, at: HLIANG@CSS.EDU
Please include title, author, your CV, and your postal address.

From April 2014; Due October 31, 2014 — See the journal’s Submission Guidelines page for instructions



Culver, Glorify the Empire: Japanese Avant-Garde Propaganda in Manchukuo (British Columbia) [NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Fandino]

Daly and Winter, eds., Routledge Handbook of Heritage in Asia (Routledge)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Howell]

Dodson and Hatcher, eds., Trans- Colonial Modernities in South Asia (Routledge)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Bonea]

Doerfler, Sinclair, and Stark, eds., Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: understanding the world through stories (Manitoba) [NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Roberts]

Fojas and Guevarra, eds., Transnational Crossroads: remapping the Americas and the Pacific (Nebraska)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Winans]

Fowler, Malcontents, Rebels, and Prnunciados: the politics of insurrection in Nineteenth-Century Mexico (Nebraska)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Aguilar]

Garner, Shaping a Global Women’s Agenda: Women’s NGOs and global governance, 1925-85 (Manchester)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Mooney]

Gran, The Rise of the Rich: a new view of modern world history (Syracuse)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Perez]

Huffman, Modern Japan: a history in documents (Oxford)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Neel]

Hunter, ed., Reformist Voices of Islam: mediating Islam and modernity (ME Sharpe, KH?)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Green]

Lee, ed., Warfare and Culture in World History (NYU)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Richardson]

Lee, Ha, and Sorensen, eds., Colonial rule and Social Change in Korea, 1910-1945 (U of Washington)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Gauthier]

Levine, The rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide (I.B. Taurus)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Kalb]

Li, China’s America: the Chinese view the United States, 1900-2000 (SUNY)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Pieragastini]

Meringolo, Museums, Monuments, and National Parks: toward a new geneology of public history (MA)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Heidbrink]

Murray, Commemorating and Forgetting: challenges for the new South Africa (MN, Marin)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Barnes]

Paine, The Sea and Civilization: a maritime history of the world (Knopf)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Napa]

Polyne, ed., The Idea of Haiti: rethinking crisis and development (MN, Marin)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Hammond]

Reilly, The Human Journey: a concise introduction to world history (Rowman and Littlefield)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Rogers]

Schweninger, Imagic Moments; indigenous North American film (Georgia)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][de Ruiter]

Shigematsu, Scream from the Shadows: the women’s liberation movement in Japan (Minnesota)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE?][Bricia]

Smith, ed., Sociology of Globalization: cultures, economies, and politics (Westview)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Jakubowski]

Sulick, Spying in America: espionage from the Revolutionary War to the dawn of the Cold War (Georgetown)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Schmoll]

Tamaki, Hikikomori: Adolescence without end (Minnesota)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Fandino?]

Touati, Islam and Travel in the Middle Ages (Chicago)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Logan]

Uekoetter, ed., The Turning Points of Environmental History (Pittsburgh)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Elmore]

Vargas, Crucible of Struggle: a history of Mexican Americans from colonial times to the present era (Oxford, KH?)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Gonzalez]

Young, Writing Mexican History (Stanford)[NO LONGER AVAILABLE][Ninomiya]


Following items have been assigned and are no longer available:

AteĊŸ, Ottoman-Iranian Borderlands: Making a Boundary, 1843-1914 (Cambridge) [Tallon]

Blanchard, ed., New Thinking about the Taiwan Issue: Theoretical insights into its origins, dynamics, and prospects [Peng]

Conant, Staying Roman; conquest and identity in Africa and the Mediterrean, 439-700 [Cambridge][Ramsey]

Dulls, The age of the ship of the line, the British and French navies 1650-1815″ [University of Nebraska Press][Daley]

Elleman, Kotkin, and Schofield, eds., Beijing’s Power and China’s Borders: Twenty neighbors in Asia (ME Sharpe)[Marak]

de Montbrial’s Action and Reaction in the World System [UBC Press][Olmstead]

Tavarez, The invisible war: indigenous devotions, discipline, and dissent in colonial Mexico” [Stanford][French]



From May 2013; Due August 31, 2013 See the journal’s Submission Guidelines page for instructions

Berkhofer, Fashioning History: current practices and principles [Palgrave Macmillan][no longer available]

Blackmore, Moorings: Portuguese expansion and the writing of Africa [MN][no longer available]

Crosby, Ecological Imperialism: the biological expansion of Europe, 900-1900 [Cambridge][no longer available]

Crossley, The Wobbling Pivot: China since 1800 [Wiley Blackwell][no longer available]

Davidson, Only Muslim: embodying Islam in twentieth-century France [Cornell][no longer available]

Daryaee, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Iranian History [Oxford][no longer available]

Davis, The Rise of the Atlantic Economies [Cornell][no longer available]

Frost, Never One Nation; freaks, savages, and whiteness in US popular culture, 1850-1877 [MN][no longer available]

Han, An Imperial Path to Modernity: Yoshino Sakuzo and a new liberal order in East Asia, 1905-1937 [Harvard][no longer available]

Hansen, Melancholia of Freedom: social life in an Indian township in South Africa [Princeton][no longer available]

Heng, Sino-Malay Trade and Diplomacy: from the 10th through the 14th century [Ohio][no longer available]

Keekes, The Roots of Evil [Cornell][no longer available]

Klein, The Last Colonial Massacre: Latin America in the Cold War Updated Edition [Chicago][no longer available]

Lauria-Santiago, An Agrarian Republic: commercial agriculture and the politics of peasant communities in El Salvador, 1823-1914 [no longer available]

Lee, ed., The Long Duree and world-systems analysis [SUNY][no longer available]

Marks, China: its environment and history [Rowman and Littlefield][][no longer available]

Olson, Vikings Across the Atlantic: emigration and the building of a greater Norway, 1860-1945 [no longer available]

Rithschild, The Inner Life of Empires: an eighteeth-century history [Princeton][no longer available]

Seth, A History of Korea; from antiquity to the present [Rowman and Littlefield] [no longer available]

Shepard, The Invention of Decolonization: the Algerian war and the remaking of France [Cornell][no longer available]

Stearns, The Industrial Revolution in World History — 4th ed. [Westview][no longer available]

Tilley, Africa as a Living Laboratory: empire, development, and the problem of scientific knowledge, 1870-1950[no longer available]

Torrent, Displomacy and Nation-Building in Africa: Franco-British relations and Cameroon at the end of empire [Tauris][no longer available]

Valentino, Final Solutions: mass killing and genocide in the 20th century [Cornell][no longer available]

Walker, Thailand’s Political Peasants: power in the modern rural economy [Wisconsin][no longer available]



The following are invited reviews, no longer available:
Anderson, The Lakota Ghost Dance of 1890 [Nebraska][Paul J]

Blanchard and Hickey, eds., New Thinking about the Taiwan Issue: theoretical insights into its origins, dynamics, and prospects [Routledge]

Getz and Clarke, Abina and the Important Men: a graphic history [Oxford][Opolot]

Koot, Empire at the Periphery: British colonists, Anglo-Dutch trade, and the development of the British Atlantic, 1621-1713 [NYU][Kim R]

Kulke and Rothermund, A History of India — 5th ed., [Routledge][Kim R.]

Miller, Europe and the Maritime World: a 20th century history [Oxford][Kim R.]

Morrisson, ed., Trade and Markets in Byzantium [Harvard][AA]

Peebles, Voices of South Asia [ME Sharpe][Kim R.]

Saada, Empire’s Children: race, filiation, and citizenship in the French colonies [Chicago][Jill G.]

Sandgren, Mau Mau’sChildren: the making of Kenya’s postcolonial elite [Wisconsin][Opolot]

Steinmetz, ed., State/Culture: state-formation after the cultural turn [Cornell][Jeanne]

Yang, et al., eds., Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contentious Issues in Sino-Japanese Relations [Harvard][Rob]

Zarrow, After Empire: the conceptual transformation of the Chinese state, 1885-1924 [Stanford][Rob]



The following are invited reviews reserved for graduate students, sponsored by our editor Sarah, no longer available:
Austin, A Falklands Diary: winds of change in a distant colony [Radcliffe]

Cleveland and Bunton, A History of the Modern Middle East [Westview]

Cuno, Museums Matter: in praise of the encyclopedic museum [Chicago]

Gibbon, Archaeology of Minnesota; the prehistory of the upper Mississippi river region [Minnesota]

Hyde, Empires, Nations and Families [Cornell]

Matthew, Memories of Conquest: becoming Mexicano in colonial Guatemala [UNC]

Norment, In the Memory of the Map; a cartographic memoir [Iowa]

Standard, Selling the Congo: a history of European pro-empire propaganda and the making of Belgian imperialism [Nebraska]
2 documentaries:

Routher, Brothers on the Line

Lichstein, As Goes janesville

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